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Meet Linn Rivers

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Linn Rivers is a conscious media producer, director and actress. She is also a highly intuitive, natural born, clairsentient healer who was put on a Shamanic journey very early in life.  She has utilized her deeply troubled past to create conscious media in many different forms to assist people in waking up to their own authentic reality.


Through visual, auditory, and kinesthetic media, she is able to tap into the subconscious mind of the audience in order to illicit conscious questions and reveal deeper understandings of oneself. Media platforms include but are not limited to; movies, videos, podcasts, music, theater, writing, and photography. She teams up with amazing talent in different fields to make an impact in which ever way presents itself. 


While Linn did not choose the events that she had to overcome, she will be the first to tell you that the journey of stepping into the world of Shamanism is not for the faint of heart. 


"I absolutely did not choose this path, it chose me and anyone who thinks they "want" to be a Shaman, really needs to understand what it means to be on a Shamanic journey".

In the words of a Shaman researcher: 

"It takes a very special person to be called to the path of a Shaman, and only the strongest among those called will ever become a Shaman. Many who receive the calling will never make it to be a Shaman. It is a very rough path to take, and no one comes out of it without battle scars. Many who begin the path of a Shaman will soon abandon it because of how rough it can be, or they may simply go insane and stay insane.

The hard times faced by one who is called to be a Shaman often begin early in life. Those who are called to such a path have usually overcome great personal obstacles whether it be orphaning, medical issues, or some other personal tragedy from which one has had to draw upon the Divine in a great way in order to get through it. Then, when one realizes one is on a Shamanic path and is initiated by the Spirit world, one goes through a period of Initiatory Illness, which one may never come out of. It is always best if this initiation is done under the supervision of another Shaman, but sometimes there is no other Shaman to supervise and it just happens when the Divine deems it is time for it to happen."


For Linn Rivers, there was no one else to assist her in her journey through the dark and stormy sea. She was put through turbulent trials for the first 30 years of her life by herself in order to find the light for herself. 

Linn lost the majority of her family, including her mother by the age of 15. She continued losing others that she loved through out the next several years.

She battled deep illness as an infant and child, and again when she was in her later 20's. She experienced multiple near death experiences, one in which was at the same time her partner was diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 30 and ended up passing away. 

Linn fought with mental instability and not wanting to be here for a long time until her healing journey began. As a young child, she battled with gender identity and sexuality issues, later to understand that her androgyny was simply just another natural part of the shamanic journey. 


 She grew up with an alcoholic father and a dysfunctional family. She then later struggled with relationships, bullying, and found herself homeless at one point on her journey. She felt lost and out of place the majority of her life.

It was in the moment of her last near death experience that she realized she had decided to stay on this planet, so it was time to step up and answer her calling. 

Linn has spent a lot of time alone, connecting with the other world, and mastering herself as a being on this planet. While Linn may not resonate with the beings of this planet, she knows she has a purpose here. 

She is able to tap into the dream world in ways only 2% of the population is able to. She is a psychic and lucid dreamer, clairsentient, natural born healer, and as a bridge, she can access the spiritual realm at any moment. 

Sara R. 

San Diego, CA

"Working with Linn honestly blew my mind and changed my life. Her wisdom is WAY beyond her years and I was baffled at how she was able to walk me through steps in my life at the age of 60 when she is only in her 30's. She has gone through more than the majority of my friends put together and the wisdom she can offer because of it is priceless. When I first started working with Linn, I was not even aware of half of the patterns I was living in. She was able to point them out to me in such a gentle way and help me shift into such a positive person. My business life began flourishing almost immediately, I started attracting better people in to my life, and I stopped blaming others for my problems. I can honestly say that Linn came into my life at the perfect time, and she was absolutely the perfect person. I don't know that I would be where I am today if it were not for her. 

Sharon H. 

Boulder, CO

Let me put this plain and simple. I was not a very "aware" person before I met Linn. There was something about just simply being in her presence that shifted my views on the world and energy. I didn't even know what words to use after our first interaction. All I knew was, I felt something drastically shift energetically in my body. I felt as though I had gotten ten hours of much needed rest just by being present with Linn for one hour. She is more than just a "coach". She is a healer, and now I finally know that there are people out there who are the real deal. 

John H. 

Austin, TX 

I hope my words come across with the deepness of appreciation I have for Linn. I originally started seeing Linn for Massage Therapy at a clinic in Austin Texas. First, I was in awe at how absolutely relaxed I was in her presence. It was a really interesting feeling considering I am not comfortable around a lot of people. There was something about her that made me feel safe discussing certain things about my health, and the second I did, she asked me very specific questions and told me what was going on with my body. Without going into too much detail, I trusted what she was telling me and started working with her to heal. I had been dealing with an illness for over almost two years that made me pull out of school and I had to move back in with my family. I felt hopeless and as though I was doomed because doctors couldn't figure anything out. They told me to lose weight. After implementing the tools that Linn gave me, I was literally able to enroll back in school the next semester! It has been two years since working with Linn and I am happy and healthier than I ever have been, and no I am not living at my parents anymore. 

Scott P.

Santa Fe, NM 

I have had diabetes since I was a young child. I was always told that I would just have to stay on insulin and manage it for the rest of my life. After hearing that Linn had helped others get off of insulin and also was able to heal her own digestive ailments, I wanted to see what she was all about. I decided to work with her and I was truly astounded by her intuitive ability to know what was going on with me and patterns that I was creating in my life. I was also extremely baffled by her knowledge about the body. I remember when I first met her, she told me, "Doctors are not smart, they are simply trained". Needless to say, after working with her for several months, that statement was absolutely clear. Everything she knew about the human body was something I would never hear from a doctor. It has been several years now and I am healthy and it is my fourth year of not taking insulin. 

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