You can continue to suffer, make excuses, and play the victim, or you can shift your perspective, receive expert guidance, implement it into your daily life, and live a happier and healthier existence. It will not be easy at times, but it will be worth it.

Linn Rivers

What makes Linn the most UNIQUE coach and counselor in the world?

There is absolutely no one like Linn. That sounds like such a cliché, however it is true. Linn is a highly evolved being from a galaxy called, Andromeda. She is a hybrid DNA of Pleiadian and Adromadan who was put here for the purpose of assisting humanity in evolving. She has been channeling messages since she was a child and is able to tap into every aspect of a being simply by being in their presence. She is highly intuitive, psychic, and does not structure coaching sessions. She only accepts clients who find her and reach out to her as it is part of their divine guidance to do so. The most awe inspiring thing about Linn is that her energy exchange alone offers up the most transformational doors for those who are supposed to work with her, just by being in her presence. You will notice a bright light that surrounds her when you are near her, and this is all part of her starseed origin. She is not like anyone you will ever meet. Her life and presence is drastically different from that of humans and she is simply here to aid humanity in moving forward. While she does not relate to the human race and spends the majority of her time alone, she adores being able to open doors for people in ways they never thought possible. To understand more about Linn, it is highly suggested you watch her videos about her journey on this planet and what she has done for people. 


Linn Rivers is a world-renowned holistic healthcare practitioner, life coach and spiritual counselor. She is known as one of the most authentic and aware transformational coaches in the world. She has been in the holistic health field for over 12 years and is an expert in last resort cases and helping others navigate what seems to be insurmountable situations. She has assisted people in overcoming some of the most complex issues that has plagued humanity for the last decade. While Linn has an amazing educational background, it is her personal experience and intuitive abilities that set her apart from others. She is able to simply look at a person and have a clear understanding of what is going on even on a cellular level. She herself has overcome some of the most challenging situations that some people never have to go through in life and also some life-threatening illnesses simply by following her internal guidance to heal on all levels. Linn does not follow a one size fits all approach and individualizes every session. Linn is a straight forward, yet compassionate healer and coach who is very selective with whom she works with. Her clients must be willing to shift their mindset and understand that you cannot just take a pill to make everything better. If you are seeking to live a more authentic, happy, healthy existence, and are ready to put in the time, Linn is for you.



Sara H.
San Diego, CA

"Working with Linn honestly blew my mind and changed my life. Her wisdom is WAY beyond her years and I was baffled at how she was able to walk me through steps in my life at the age of 60 when she is only in her 30's. She has gone through more than the majority of my friends put together and the wisdom she can offer because of it is priceless. When I first started working with Linn, I was not even aware of half of the patterns I was living in. She was able to point them out to me in such a gentle way and help me shift into such a positive person. My business life began flourishing almost immediately, I started attracting better people in to my life, and I stopped blaming others for my problems. I can honestly say that Linn came into my life at the perfect time, and she was absolutely the perfect person. I don't know that I would be where I am today if it were not for her.


Linn Rivers is a graduate of the renowned, Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Her journey with holistic medicine and spiritual counseling however, started way before this time. Linn's educational background includes; Holistic/Functional Medicine, Spiritual Counseling, Eastern and Western Massage Therapy, Neurolinguistic Programming, Yoga Therapy, Life Coaching, Death Doula, Hypnosis, Human Design Analysis, and she is also a Film Director, Producer, and Writer. It was her own journey that led her to all of these practices. She is able to connect with people authentically because she herself had to overcome so much trauma and health issues and understands what it is like to be on a healing journey that can often times feel defeating. 


Linn is able to connect with people on a wide range of traumatic events that she herself has overcome, such as: death of loved ones, abandonment, neglect, sexuality, growing up with an alcoholic, relationship trauma, career challenges, lack of direction, feelings of hopelessness, gender identity, anger and fear, addiction, illness, and near death experiences. Rather these events took place as a child or later in life, Linn has the tools to assist you in moving forward to live the life you absolutely deserve and the life you know you should be living. 

When Linn is not assisting clients or making movies, you can find her out in the mountains climbing, or down in the ocean on her kayak or paddle board.

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Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA

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