Bag of Wisdom

Linn has an extensive background in healing and uses many different tools that she has been guided to throughout the years. 

She uses human design, spiritual counseling,

coaching, grief assessment, mentorship,

holistic nutrition, functional medicine, body movement,

massage therapy (only with her Shamanic clients at this point), Neuro-linguistic Programming, hypnosis and mindfulness. 

While Linn has an extensive educational background, it is her personal experience and journey that has brought her to the work she does. 

Linn is able to connect with people on a wide range of traumatic events that she herself has overcome, such as: death of loved ones, abandonment, neglect, sexuality issues, growing up with an alcoholic parent, gender identity, anger and fear, addiction, illness, and near death experiences.


Rather these events took place as a child or later in life, Linn has the tools to assist you in moving forward to live the life you want and absolutely deserve. 

She is straight-forward, understanding and compassionate and only works with people who understand that true change is not easy and will be a life-style change, not a pill you can swallow. 

Linn works, with women, children, and people who are eager to find their own truth. She does not have a  "one-size-fits-all" approach and is adamant about people finding themselves and not following what others are doing. 

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Our Services

If you have something specific you are wanting to navigate in your life, reach out to Linn as all of her services are not listed. She allows people to find her for whatever specific work they are needing.